Saturday, 7 June 2014

topshop cream blushes♡

hey lovelys,

so todays blog post is about the topshop blushes,  so on the top the darker shade is called flush, this is a very deep coral colour and the colour payoff id amazing. its on the matte side for the quality of staying on your face, almost chalky but in a nice way, it also does tend to last a while which is something else i look for.

the next and bottom shade is afternoon tea. this is the second cream blush i have and i love the colour of this its more of a pale pink and the colour payoff is also amazing. also on behalf of all topshop makeup i just have to point out that the packaging is beautiful, also they all have the mirror inside so its compatible and can take it anywhere.

thanks so much for reading , ellie ♡

Friday, 6 June 2014

My clockwork castle♡

hey lovelys, first just a sorry for slacking with the posts but this one will make up for it,
Ok so i just want to talk about this amazing brand i found called "my clockwork castle" so a while ago i found this shop and straight away fell in love. this is a customised steampunk key pictured above and i just love it! iv had it less than a day and its my new prize possession. this is such a great quality piece and there only £16. they come in a variety of colours as i said. also they are great as a gift as they come in such cute packaging. please just check them out and purchase some things as there so dainty and worth it.

thanks for reading sweeties

There Instagram is just - @myclockworkcastle

There shop -

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Lips crayons - Revlon and Bourjois♡

hey lovelys,

Iv been on the ball with blogging lately so here is to lip bullet things reviews, I really love these and am yet to try the new revlon ones but when i pick up some i will review them. 

So I'm going to start with the bottom one this is the bourjois one its called "peach on the beach" and its a coral pink shade this retails at £6.99 and can be bought at boot and i love it. The first thing as you put it on it glides on really easily and has no taste its really creamy and pigmented, for me it lasted half the day and needs to be reapplied but the pigmentation level is amazing as you can see in the picture above, i decided not to include a picture of it on my lips because everyone has different lips so its not valid but overall i love the colour and everything about this and recommend you pick one up.

Next is the revlon the on on the left "in the first picture" unlike the other one this has a really distinct mint flavour but it goes fast , with this its less creamy and more stiff if you will. the other thing with this is that its pigmented and actually lasts a while its so beautiful with a purple undertone and i love it, its similar to mac saint Germain but half the price so i recommend you pic one up! Another thing with the overall of these is that i love the packaging yea so thats the end♡
thanks for reading... xxx

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Liebster blog award ♡

Liebster blog award
Hey lovelys I believe this is a tag sort of thing and I need to list 11 facts about me so here we go, oh and I was nominated by 2 fellow bloggers.

1- my lucky number is 24
2- zoella really inspires me
3- I have my own jewellery business called daintydaydream.
4- Instagram and blogging my fav thing!
5- I’m obsessed with makeup! “If you didn’t already tell :)”
6- fav colours pink and mint.
7- I love Chanel and everything luxurious, I also like vintage.
8- my favourite magazine is company magazine.
9- dream jobs- work for company magazine, fashion industry or full time YouTuber.
10- I love daisy’s.
11- I really want to visit America.

Benefit primping with the stars kit♡

Hey my lovelys,

Today we are going to talk about this benefit kit iv had for a while now so my review is pretty accurate! :) but this kit i have is called "primping with the stars" so far with this palette my opinion is 100% good its so fab and almost everything is to good use!

So the first 2 things i actually don't use is the stay don't stray and the little round pot of creamy foundation purely because there not my shade but the other things in the box totally makes up for it.

Then you have the professional there are so so many mixed reveiwes in my opinion its great because of the colour of it and compared to past primers iv tried it is not greasy and a little bit goes a long way so that small tube will last for ever.

The next thing is another tube its the girl meats pearl highlighter i have not used it much but from what i have used its really pretty for the brow bone or above where you apply your blusher.

The next thing you get is the there real, i have mixed reviews on this product i think its really good when you layer it but if you where to to try to apply one coat its not very pigmented or good lengthener.

Last thing is my favourite thing i love it so much its the benetint, it can be layers to create a really nice vibrant but subtle red and its beautiful, but i use it for a light sweep acres the lips and it create a natural pretty look. also its multi purpose so you can use it on cheeks to.


thannks for reading lovelys xx

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Naked 3 palette review ♡

Hey my lovelys,

today I'm going to talk about the naked 3 palette, i know its late to jump on the band wagon but iv had it for so long now so i think its better to have tried it before i review it. so starting with the lighter shades on the left, so strange is the lightest colour there is i find this really perfect for highlighting the brow bone or to put in the corner of the eye its such a nice pigmentation. 

Just after those there are the 4 rose gold shades which are perfect for spring and summer with the champagne pink underneath those shades are "dust, burnout, limit and buzz".

Then there is the shade trick in my opinion that is the only true gold in the palette its really shimmery appose to it being rose gold and again i think it looks lovely over the top of any eye look so it jus spices the look up. from those on i feel like the shades nooner, factory ,mugshot and dark side these are the most deep warmer shades and in my opinion the most pigmented not much more to say about those shade because they are all perfect.

Then there is the very last shade black heart, this is mostly my favorouite shade because although it looks quite scary to cue its really nice to blend as unless you layer it the pigmentation from one swipe is quite subtle in my opinion.
then last but not least the brush i feel the need to include it as its so good for the palette to include a high quality double ended brush it picks up a lot of the product and is really soft.

So as i know £42 for a palette "including postage" is expensive i understand that, but just comparing it to things like mac it works a lot a lot cheeper and every shade is really good quality so I'm over all really impressed with this pallet and recommend everyone buying it. if you have past experience with the naked 1, 2 palette comment below as id love to know. p.s. ill add swatches later.

Thanks for reading lovelys♡